If you are considering using the services of a trading advisor, you may be interested in reading about the experiences of Wendy Kirkland. Whether or not you are interested in her services depends on your personal goals and investing experience. In this review, you will learn about Wendy’s experience in the industry, as well as about Her “Smart Paycheck” and “MERIT GOLD” trading services.

Wendy Kirkland’s “Smart Paycheck” trading service

Smart Paycheck is the name of a trading service that was launched by Wendy Kirkland. The system involves investing in options and uses a systematic approach. Options are listed securities that are traded like stocks, using at-the-market, limit and stop-loss orders to guide you through your investment decisions. They offer powerful leverage, but don’t require you to have a lot of money to get started.

The SMART Paycheck trading service has a 75% winning trade rate and potential gain of $47,461 over 40 months. This is based on an average holding time of two to three days and a trade frequency of one to two trades per week.

Subscribers of this service receive Buy To Open and Sell to Close signals. The service also offers multiple premium trading services. There is Alpha Moves trading strategy, Gemini Trading Strategy, and P3 buy and sell signals. Some subscribers may choose to modify the service or ignore the risk parameters and may experience greater or lesser returns than others. However, you should always bear in mind that any actions you take are at your own risk.

Her “MERIT GOLD” trading service

Wendy Kirkland offers a trading service that purchases Calls and Puts in Gold and Silver ETFs. The service is said to have a 75% win-to-loss ratio. If you are a novice trader and are interested in learning how to make money in the markets, Merit Gold may be the trading service for you.

The service features Buy To Open and Sell To Close signals. It allows subscribers to subscribe to several premium trading services. The Alpha Moves trading strategy, the Gemini Trading Strategy, and the P3 buy and sell signals are all included in the subscription. These trading signals are generated by the Gemini Trading Strategy.

Her experiences as a trading advisor

Wendy Kirkland is an acclaimed options trading guru. She is the author of several books and is known for her Trader Support Services. These services are based on her years of experience and research. They include trade/alert signals and Exact Entry/Exit signals.

A trading advisor is someone who helps clients make profitable trades in the markets. A trading advisor should be able to help clients make the right trades at the right time. Wendy Kirkland’s trading program focuses on options trading, but it’s not just about complex option strategies. Her strategies are designed to help you make money while using a simple approach.